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The Primary ( ) and Final () FRCA examinations require an extensive knowledge of vaporisers. We have therefore written a new educational resource section on this subject. The tutorials have been tailored to the FRCA syllabus and we have also added some past questions relevant to these topics.

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 Primary FRCA Syllabus

Anaesthetic equipment and safety

Physical principles underlying the function…vaporisers


Q. Primary Viva Question

What do you understand by the terms vaporiser in circuit and vaporiser out of circuit? Decribe the differences


 Final FRCA Syllabus

Clinical Measurement

 The Final examination assumes knowledge of the Primary FRCA examination syllabus, with the addition of more sophisticated measurements. Candidates will be expected to understand the sources of error and the limitations of individual measurements.

Q. Final Viva Question

What does the term 'plenum' mean? How do vaporisers work? Draw a diagram to illustrate your answer.

Articles on vaporisers

Introduction to anaesthetic vaporisers
Saturated vapour pressure
Factors affecting vaporiser output
Simple vaporisers
Precision vaporisers
Multiple vaporisers
Low-resistance vaporisers

 would like to thank Dr Guy Watney for allowing the reproduction of his images for this educational resource.


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