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American Boards I

Welcome to our new educational resource for Anesthesiologists preparing for the American Board of Anesthesiology examinations.

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Format of the exams


Written examination

 Examination objectives

To assess the candidate’s knowledge of basic and clinical sciences as applied to anesthesiology. 

 Examination dates

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Oral examination

 Qualifying Requirements

Candidates must pass the written examination to be eligible for the oral examination.

 Examination Objectives

To assess the candidate’s ability to demonstrate the attributes of an ABA Diplomat when managing patients presented in clinical scenarios. The attributes are sound judgment in decision-making and management of surgical and anesthetic complications, appropriate application of scientific principles to clinical problems, adaptability to unexpected changes in the clinical situations, and logical organization and effective presentation of information. The oral examination emphasizes the scientific rationale underlying clinical management decisions. 

Oral Examination

Below we have provided an extensive collection of cases that are of the standard examined in the American boards exams. There are links within the questions to relevant educational resources and many of the questions also provide detailed explanatory answers. 

UBP Questions I

UBP Question 1
UBP Question 2
UBP Question 3
UBP Question 4

Oral Cases I

Oral case 1
Oral case 2
Oral case 3
Oral case 4
Oral case 5
Oral case 6
Oral case 7
Oral case 8
Oral case 9
Oral case 10
Oral case 11
Oral case 12
Oral case 13
Oral case 14
Oral case 15
Oral case 16
Oral case 17
Oral case 18
Oral case 19
Oral case 20

UBP Questions II

UBP Question 5
UBP Question 6
UBP Question 7
UBP Question 8

Oral cases II

Oral case 21
Oral case 22
Oral case 23
Oral case 24
Oral case 25
Oral case 26
Oral case 27
Oral case 28
Oral case 29
Oral case 30
Oral case 31
Oral case 32
Oral case 33
Oral case 34
Oral case 35
Oral case 36
Oral case 37
Oral case 38
Oral case 39
Oral case 40

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AnaesthesiaUK would like to thank Professor Nabil Rashad and Ultimate Board Prep for providing the above cases.


The Ultimate Board Prep is a program of preparation the Anesthesia Oral Board examinations. Click the banner to access the resources.

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