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Regional anaesthesia

 are working with the journal Anaesthesia and Intensive Care. We are building up a new educational resource around the subject of regional anaesthesia featuring articles taken from the journal.

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This service is secure.You may now order the journal immediately online by clicking the button below (uses a secure payment system). First 3 issues are supplied without obligation- see the journal for yourself and then decide!

Articles in this section

Techniques of epidural cannulation
Conduct of epidural and subarachnoid blockade
Upper limb nerve blocks
Intravenous regional anaesthesia
Lower limb nerve blocks
Technique of lumbar puncture
Peripheral nerve catheter techniques
Local anaesthetic and additive drugs
Regional anaesthesia in patients taking anticoagulants
Does regional anaesthesia improve outcome?
Complications of regional anaesthesia

We have produced a resource for regional anaesthesia that can be viewed on handhelds with Dr B Nicholls/ Dr J Berrington and Sonosite. You can download this for free from this site using the link below.

Click here to go to the download page


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