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Recommended US board books

Recommended reading for the American Boards in Anesthesiology

Buying books for anesthesiology is a difficult task- it seems no single book offers it all!  We would also say that if you are just starting anesthesiology, the practical side of things are going to be the most challenging initially and not the theory, but it is good to read things up as you go along. suggests the books we think are essential to anesthesia residents and also to help your studies for the Boards. We have teamed up with Amazon to suggest the best books for your studies. The costs are exactly the same as if you were browsing the Amazon site.

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Anesthesiology Review

 Review text for anesthesiology residents. Comprehensively covers essential knowledge and includes all topic areas found on the ABA/ASA exam. Includes new discussions on cardiopulmonary bypass, off-pump coronary bypass, and automatic internal cardiac defibrillator procedures.

Authors: Ronald Faust, MD, Mayo Medical School, Rochester, MN; Assoc. Eds: Roy Cucchiara, MD, U. of FL, Gainesville, FL; Thomas Spackman, MD, Steven Rose, MD, Denise Wedel, MD, and C. Thomas Waas, MD -- all of Mayo Medical School Rochester, MN
ISBN: 0443066019 
Price: Third edition now $61.95

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Clinical Anesthesia Procedures of the Massachusetts General Hospital

 This handbook emphasizes the clinical foundations involved in the safe administration of anesthesia, preoperative care, and pain management. Chapters reflect each stage of the process, and describe techniques specific to various procedures. The text appears in outline form to facilitate quick assess to the material, and line drawings illustrate important anatomical points. An alphabetized drug index provides information on the indications, dosage, effects, and clearance of various pharmaceuticals.

Authors: William E. Hurford (Editor), Michael T. Bailin (Editor), J. Kenneth Davison (Editor), Kenneth L. Haspel (Editor), Carl Rosow (Editor), Susan A. Vassallo (Editor)
ISBN: 0781737184
Price: Fifth edition now available $44.95

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Anesthesia Secrets

 Substantial knowledge base in anesthesia and insights for the decisive and safe practice of anesthesia. Features answers that have pearls, tips, memory aids, and 'secrets.' Bulleted lists and algorithms, For students' test preparation.

Author: James Duke
ISBN: 1560533544
Price: Second  Rev edition now available $39.95

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Handbook of Clinical Anesthesia

 From perioperative evaluation to postoperative care, this pocket-sized companion handbook to Clinical Anesthesia provides easy access to essential information. Its concise and readable outline format incorporates hundreds of tables, graphs, and algorithms -- all summarizing and prioritizing crucial clinical points. Content also features outstanding appendices, including the American Heart Association's CPR protocols, commonly used anesthetics and adjunctive agents plus a convenient ECG atlas documenting a wide range of arrhythmias. This handbook is indispensable for those seeking a handy and portable digest of Clinical Anesthesia.

Authors: MD Paul G. Barash, MD Bruce F. Cullen, MD Robert K. Stoelting
Price: $44.95
ISBN: 0781729181

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The MGH Board Review of Anesthesiology

 Exam review for those preparing for the American Board of Anesthesiology written examination, including the recertification exam. Includes 1800 board-type multiple-choice questions with referenced, paragraph-length discussions of each answer, as well as a practice test

Author:  Mark Dershwitz
ISBN: 0838563481
Price: Fifth edition available $55.21

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Miller's Anesthesia: 2-Volume Set

 From fundamental principles to advanced subspecialty procedures, this masterwork covers the full scope of contemporary anesthesia practice in just two volumes. A who's who of internationally recognized authorities offers in-depth, state-of-the-art coverage of basic science and pharmacology...step-by-step instructions for patient management...and an in-depth analysis of ancillary responsibilities and problems. Video clips on the accompanying CD-ROM demonstrate the proper technique for new and difficult procedures. And, a new, continuously updated online version delivers even more reference power.

Price: $289.00
ISBN: 0443066183

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