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The GlideScope, a videolaryngoscope was the first of it's kind and is the most widely researched, introduced in 2003, it consists of a handle similar to that of a standard laryngoscope and a non-detachable blade that has a maximum width of 18 mm and a curvature of 60 degrees in the midline. The system is available in 6 single use sizes and suitable for patients from preterm <1.5 Kg to the Morbidly Obese 40 Kg+. A digital camera and light-emitting diodes are embedded at the tip of the blade. The wide-angle lens and remote camera provides a wide field, giving an improved view of the glottis, proven in 96% of cases to reduce a grade ¾ to a grade ½ (Cooper, 2005). The GlideScope is equipped with a unique Reveal ™ anti-fogging system which, together with a design that tends to keep the camera free of blood and secretions, makes it easier to obtain a view of airway structures. These important characteristics of the GlideScope can make training in obtaining a view of the glottis faster and more accurate, which will ultimately result in improved outcome. The range also now includes a Single Use Direct Intubation Trainer which can be used for the instruction and training of Direct Laryngoscopy.

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Airway Management
GlideScope® Cobalt AVL
GlideScope® Cobalt AVL Preterm/Small Child
GlideScope® Ranger Single Use
GlideRite® Rigid Stylet


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