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Syllabus: Primary, Final & FCAI

Primary and Final FRCA Examinations 

The FRCA examinations test the knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes as defined by the anaesthetic training curriculum.

Irish FCAI

The College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland offer College examinations to doctors from all over the world, who are training to become anaesthetists. They deliver Membership and Fellowship examinations in anaesthesia. In addition the Irish College offer doctors exams in Pain Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine.


The Royal College of Anaesthetists administers and delivers the FFICM examinations.

Primary Syllabus

Primary syllabus: Anaesthesia and resuscitation
Primary syllabus: Anatomy
Primary syllabus: Physiology and biochemistry
Primary syllabus: Pharmacology
Primary syllabus: Physics and statistics
New Primary Syllabus

Final Syllabus

Final syllabus: Obstetrics
Final syllabus: ENT
Final syllabus: Orthopaedic
Final syllabus: Trauma
Final syllabus: Ophthalmic
Final syllabus: Day stay
Final syllabus: Regional, cardiac, thoracic and neurosurgical
Final syllabus: Neonatal and other specialised areas
Final syllabus: Applied anatomy and physiology
Final syllabus: Cardiovascular
Final syllabus: Applied clinical pharmacology
Final syllabus: Clinical measurement
Final syllabus: ITU, transport of the critically ill, nutrition and trauma
Final syllabus: Pain management
Final syllabus: Anaesthesia


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