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Inhalational agents

The Primary () and Final () FRCA examinations require an extensive knowledge of inhalational agents. We have therefore written a new educational resource section on Inhalational Agents. The tutorials have been tailored to the FRCA syllabus and we have also added some past questions relevant to these topics.

 Primary FRCA Syllabus

Systematic Pharmacology

Anaesthetic gases and vapours

Q. Primary viva:

What are the characteristics of an ideal inhalational agent..define oil-gas coefficient and MAC-why are they important? do isoflurane, desflurane and sevoflurane stand in these characteristics?


 Final FRCA Syllabus


Applied Clinical Pharmacology

Inhalational anaesthesia: Control of alveolar tension during induction and recovery…control of anaesthetic depth and prevention of awareness …management of malignant hyperthermia.

Inhalational agents tutorials

The ideal anaesthetic agent
Summary of physical properties of the volatile agents
Pharmacokinetics of inhalational anaesthetic agents
Minimum Alveolar Concentration (MAC)
Metabolism and elimination of inhaled anaesthetics
Mechanism of action of inhaled anaesthetic agents


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