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The Primary ( ) and Final () FRCA examinations require an extensive knowledge of ultrasound. We have therefore written a new educational resource section on the subject of ultrasound, including the physiology and increasing use of ultrasound in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine. The tutorials have been tailored to the FRCA syllabus.

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 Final FRCA Syllabus

Clinical Measurement

 Principles of imaging techniques including CT, MRI and ultrasound. Doppler effect


Q. Final Viva Question

How can ultrasound be useful in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine?

Tutorials in this section

Ultrasound locating devices for placing central venous catheters (NO 49)
The Royal College of Anaesthetists view
Ultrasound and physical principles
Uses of ultrasound in anaesthesia
Types of ultrasound
Transducer array types
Image optimisation guidelines
Present Ultrasound Techniques and Application Tips
Commencing the scan
Types of ultrasound artifacts?
Ultrasound case examples
US Guided Regional Anaesthesia in Children
Ultrasound-guided central line placement
Transoesophageal Echocardiography, Implications for Perioperative Management - REVIEW ARTICLE (PDF 0.99M)
Ultrasound for Regional Anaesthesia


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