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Quick-flush valve

Created: 28/9/2004

The purpose of the quick-flush is to provide a rapid source of anaesthetic-free oxygen to the patient when required. Most quick-flush valves are of the spring-loaded, push-button type, but some lever-action valves may be encountered.

 If the valve seat develops a leak, it will dilute the anaesthetic in the breathing circuit and hinder maintenance of anaesthesia. 

 The quick-flush should not be operated when a Bain circuit is in use, since the blast of high-pressure gas is directed down the endotracheal tube and may cause pulmonary barotrauma.

 Oxygen released by the quick-flush valve should not pass through the vaporiser. 

 Some older anaesthesia machines may be fitted with a nitrous oxide quick-flush. This is potentially dangerous and should be disabled.

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