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Other flowmeters

Created: 1/6/2004
Turret-type flowmeters, in which the gas leaves the flowmeter from the bottom of the unit, are usually used to deliver oxygen in intensive-care situations, but may be found on some anaesthetic machines (e.g. older Dräger models).
Acrylic-bodied flowmeters are fitted on some less expensive machines. These have a tendency to crack unless they are used with care.
The Heidbrink flowmeter is found on some older Ohio anaesthesitic machines, as well as Pitman-Moore 960 and 970 machines. The gas flow is read from the top of the vertical bar. Heidbrink flowmeter
Bourdon flowmeters are found on flow-limited regulators (for delivery of oxygen directly to patients) but are not usually used on anaesthetic machines. They consist of an adjustable pressure supply, a pressure gauge (calibrated in units of flow) and a special orifice. As the pressure is increased, flow through the orifice increases, which is reflected by the gauge.

One problem with this type of flowmeter is that if the orifice becomes partially blocked, the flowmeter will over-read (since, for any given pressure, the flow will be less because of the increased resistance of the orifice), and vice versa.

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