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Terminal Outlets

Created: 12/6/2005

Terminal Outlets

Anaesthetic gas pipework terminates in outlets that are in the form of self-closing sockets.

The terminal unit consists of two sections:

 Termination assembly
This part is permanently attached to the appropriate pipeline

 Schrader Socket
Designed so that it cannot be accidentally connected to a different gas service. The Schrader socket will accept a probe with a collar indexing system that is unique to each gas service. To prevent connection to the wrong gas service, the probe has a protruding indexing collar. This collar has a unique diameter that fits only the corresponding recess fitted to the socket assembly for that gas.

Flexible Pipelines

These connect the terminal outlet to the anaesthetic machine. There are three components:

 Schrader probe (fits the terminal outlet)
 Flexible hosepipe
 NIST connection (fits the anaesthetic machine)

Non-interchangeable Screw-Threaded Connection (NIST)

These ensure that the gas services attach correctly to the anaesthetic machine. Thus each hose is fitted with a unique connector. The probes are gas specific and non-interchangeable. The nut has the same diameter and thread for all the gas services.

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