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Examples of CardioQ waveforms

Created: 1/12/2005

 would like to thank Dr Robert Kong, Consultant Cardiac Anaesthetist, Sussex Cardiac Centre, Royal Sussex County Hospital for providing these images.


Whip crack sound

Wide bases – within normal ranges

Tall peaks – adequate Peak Velocity for age

All parameters appear to be within the normal limits

Narrow waveform thus low FTC

Good PV

Decreased CO,
SV & borderline high HR
following fluid challenge 200mls

Audible change;
Widened bases – FTc improving

Good peaks – PV within range
CO, SV improving
following fluid challenge 600mls

Compensated hypovolaemia

Chihuahua sound;

Narrow bases – low FTc;

Diminished peaks – low PV for age;

Decreased CO, SV;

Increased HR;
Increased afterload

Characteristic sound

Narrow bases – low FTc

Low peaks – low PV for age

Decreased CO & SV

Unchanged heart rate

Correct depth, rotate tip


Correct depth, rotate tip

Aortic Stenosis before surgery

Aortic Stenosis- After AVR

Cardiopulmonary bypass pulsatile flow

Aortic Regurgitation


Wall Thump

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