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Created: 14/8/2005

Interpret the waveform

 FTc is inversely related to SVR
 PV can be used as an index of contractility
 Concurrent shifts in FTc and PV can indicate changes in afterload

Optimal descending aortic waveform signal

 Sharpest sound
 Tallest peaks
 Spectrum of colours

Fluid challenge

 Follow Frank-Starling law
 Look for at least a 10% increase in Stroke Volume after giving a fluid challenge

To obtain further information about the CardioQ, please contact Deltex Medical using one of the following methods:

UK Sales
Deltex Medical Limited
Terminus Road
PO19 8TX

Customer Service
0845 085 0001

0124 353 2534


US Sales
Deltex Medical Inc.
877 Baltimore-Annapolis Boulevard, Suite 103
Severna Park, Maryland 21146 USA

Customer Service
(410) 384 7550

(410) 384 7553

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