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Image optimisation guidelines

Created: 13/4/2004

Brightness adjustment

One of the commonest mistakes in ultrasound imaging is the use of incorrect gain settings.

Insufficient gain can result in missed structures of low reflectivity, such as thrombus.

Excessive gain can result in false echos or oversaturation, which may obscure important diagnostic image characteristics such as shadowing or enhancement.


Compare the images below for an example of how an incorrect overall gain setting could result in a missed diagnosis of thrombus.

Low Gain

Normal Gain

Depth adjustment

  • The choice of correct depth setting is a trade-off between achieving adequate field of view to resolve all relevant structures and maximising detail resolution.
  • Adjust the depth so that the target vessel or structure is centred in the image.

Too shallow ----Too deep
Depth ShallowDepth Deep
Depth Correct

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