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Types of ultrasound artifacts?

Created: 23/11/2004

Two major types

Technique-dependent artifacts:
Noise caused by excess gain

Resolving noise caused by excess gain
- Decrease overall gain

Gain Down

Low signal caused by inappropriate transducer selection or low gain settings

Resolving low gain artifacts:

- Increase overall gain
Increase far gain
Apply more acoustic coupling gel

Gain Up


Inherent sonographic artifacts


Caused by sound striking a strong reflective interface example; areas behind ribs or gall stones


Shadowing corrective technique:
- Scan around object causing shadowing


Caused by sound travelling through fluid-filled structures without attenuation (example: area behind cysts, area behind gallbladder)


Enhancement corrective technique:
- Reduce overall gain
- Decrease far gain


Caused by sound interfacing with two structures of markedly differing acoustic properties;
example: inadequate amount of gel, obstructing bowel gas


Reverberation corrective technique:
- Change angle of transducer
- Apply more gel
- Rotate patient


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