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Contact AnaesthesiaUK by email sectionPlease use this form to submit any exam questions that you have or any feedback about the site. At present you cannot contact us by telephone, but we aim to answer all emails swiftly. Email is the preferred method of contact for the site. 

Before submitting a question, you may like to read the following resources:

  • Is the enquiry about FRCA eligibility? If so, then please visit the Royal College of Anaesthetists website by clicking here.
  • Do you want information on working in the UK? If so, then please visit the Royal College of Anaesthetists website by clicking here.
  • The most frequently asked question of our education team is the entry requirements for sitting the Primary FRCA. Click here for details.

If you are submitting practice examination questions for the benefit of other users please use the last box. You may paste in this box from a word document. Finally, to all those who submit questions, a big THANKS!


Can I sit this exam or any FRCA exam overseas?
No. The FRCA examinations are to support the UK training programmes for anaesthetists, therefore there is no requirement to hold examinations outside the UK.

Is this exam open to doctors who have never held an approved training programme in the UK?
No. All FRCA examinations are designed to support the UK training programme for anaesthetists. Applicants for this exam must hold, or have held an approved UK training post within the last five years in Anaesthesia or ACCS or a UK anaesthetic post sponsored under the Overseas Doctors Training Scheme.

Are ACCS trainees eligible?
Yes. All ACCS trainees are eligible. You do not need to have chosen anaesthesia as your specialty for this exam.

Do I need to have been in a training programme for a certain length of time?
No. There is no criterion for the amount of time you have been in a training programme.

I am no longer in a training post – can I still take the examination?
Yes, provided that your last training post was within five years of the closing date for the examination you are applying for. There is no time limit for SAS doctors who have the support of their Regional Advisor.

Where can I sit this exam?
The Primary MCQ is held simultaneously in London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Belfast, Sheffield and Edinburgh. The exam runs from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm with candidate briefing at 1.45 pm. Your preference must be entered on your application form. The College is restricted by the spaces available at each centre. Therefore early application will give the best chance of being allocated your preference.

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